How I Went From My First Leadership Role at the Age of 17 to Creating REMODE and Helping Leaders Build and Run the Businesses They Love

Despite building and growing a business, leaders often get stuck and feel pressure. How do you solve that?

In my 20 years in corporate environments, I’ve noticed a lot of leaders facing burnout, not having a clear direction, and lacking a productive organization as their company starts growing. With the REMODE framework, this can change, allowing you to lead with purpose and get a hold of your business.

Gain back 10 hours per week and implement a clear vision in under 30 days

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After receiving many recommendations, Jure Knethl, the leader of WeScale, approached me. WeScale is a performance marketing agency in the DTC e-commerce space.

He wanted to structure the agency, work on team alignment, and set a clear direction moving forward.

We collected the initial data and came up with the 3-month roadmap. Jure also underwent leadership coaching throughout the process.

In under a year, the company grew from 9 to 32 members and increased its revenue 5 times. By the end of the journey, WeScale had a 3-year strategic plan, a structured organization, and a much happier, more productive team.

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Leon van der Laan, founder of Remode, learned what it means to lead people and teams at an early age when he was put in charge of a group of five students in a large H&M store in Rotterdam. Little did he know that this first step into leadership would put him on track to becoming the CFO of one of the company’s logistics divisions. 

After spending nearly two decades in the corporate world, Leon decided that his knowledge and skills would be a strong asset for emerging startups. He started out as a freelance consultant, helping young entrepreneurs optimize their teams.

Today, he runs Remode with the mission of refreshing startups across Europe and beyond. Leon is also a productivity geek, a father, a husband, a biohacker, and a keynote speaker, and he’s always open for a quick chat with those who share his passions.

Leon van der Laan

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