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Powerhouse Back-end Operations to Grow Your Business 3 Times Faster 🚀

Micromanaging, miscommunication and getting frustrated? Yes, that's you working IN your business. To work ON your business means building a self-managing team, setting clear goals and putting robust processes in place.

Build your powerhouse without you having to work 24/7.

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It's More Than the
Tools You Use

Technology is easy. Culture and the right processes are hard.

Fancy tools & apps without clear processes & shared vision means confusion. It means inefficiency. It means hundreds of productive hours lost.

Your team is too busy at being busy to take any meaningful action.

It's More Than The Tools You Use

Building a Scalable 8 Figure Company Starts With You

That’s where Remode comes in. Our solution is a virtual intervention on your company culture & workflows. We help you...

  • Build a competitive, result-focused workforce by adopting a mission-driven culture.
  • Purge your workflows from bottlenecks & chaos by setting up optimal processes & fluent communication.
Remote High Performance

Your Partners in Scaling your Digital Business

Together we take care of the people & systems. The numbers take care of themselves.

Raise the bar in your team’s performance

Work with people just as driven as you to hit KPI's no matter what the market brings.

Raise the bar in your team’s performance
Cut costs & release untapped profits

Cut costs & release untapped profits

Go lean by trimming inessential processes and automating the rest.

Take back your time and freedom

Get more things done faster. Rescue time & energy to finally work ON your business.

Take back your time and freedom

How We Help You and Your Business Grow:

What You Get With Our Consulting Program

What You Get:

We are your bridge to achieving high performance in your business. It features video workshops, one-on-one live calls, team calls, tools, processes, work documents & templates. Together with your team, we build the four pillars of a high performance organisation.
Together we’ll work on our four pillars of high-performing remote culture:

Introduce a performance-based culture of working on shared mission, vision & values. Become the leader who brings the best out of their people. More engaged people always leads to more profit. Profit to reinvest in growth.

Meet the Founders, Your Partners

We believe that the key to growth is building a high-performance organization

Leon van der Laan

Leon van der Laan

Leon has a proven track record in building & managing hyper-productive teams for 20 years in 5 different countries. Having worked in an 11 figure corporate environment, Leon knows how powerhouse organizations are built.

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Erika Zeigyte

Erika Zeigyte

Erika is a remote business operations professional who specializes in consistently creating new processes and lean business operations. In under two years she helped grow a leading digital marketing agency from $0 in annual revenue to $4MM.

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It Is Time to Start Working
ON Your Business

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