From Founder to Leader
Discover the REMODE Framework

It’s time to stop, reflect on your situation, and break free of the attitudes and practices that are holding you back.

The REMODE Framework

Take an honest look in the mirror and explore where you are. Go on a guided journey toward next-generation leadership and productivity.

The Results:

An agency that does 2x more with 2x less time.

A company whose mission and vision inspire and engage.

Increased focus and smoother, faster decision-making.

A stronger sense of purpose for you and your team.

A happier team and a happier you

Immediately increase your team’s engagement by at least 10%

You are one call away:

The REMODE Formula for Leadership Experience


We’ll help you understand what’s not working. Prepare for some tough love, but know that we’ll deliver every reflection with unlimited positive energy and the drive to rethink your why and purpose.


Raise the bar by setting a new course for your business. Envision a crystal-clear direction with strategic and operational goals for your future.


Plot the strategic milestones that will get you to your new destination. A thorough SWOT analysis will help you recognize patterns and benefit from a refreshed outlook.


Turn your vision into concrete objectives and key results. Put the OKR framework to work to execute your strategy organization-wide.


Empower your remote team by increasing autonomy. Implement the right tools to measure performance and build the digital structure and workflows that help you boost engagement.


Transform yourself as a leader by learning how to motivate, engage, and drive your people to excellence. Learn and adopt powerful techniques for leading your remote team.

How to Start With REMODE

Step 1: Is REMODE For You?

This transformation program is for leaders and business owners who:

Step 2: Schedule a Call With Leon ​

During the one-hour free consultation call, we will talk about your business and leadership goals. We will explore hidden growth opportunities and determine the best direction for your journey. Choose your date and time in the calendar to get started!

Step 3: Implement and Succeed​

Grow your leadership skills and step away from day-to-day mind-killing operational tasks. Focus more on creative and strategic growth. As you put the REMODE framework in place, you will motivate your team, raise profits, and improve your work-life balance.

Ready to Get Started?

Transform yourself as a leader. Establish a clear mission, vision, and values. Increase your revenue and grow your team!