Own Your Next Quarter:
5 Days to Double Profit & Save 100 Hours

In just five days, set a course for your business to double your profit in the next quarter and get 100 hours of your time back. Watch my course and learn how to increase your team’s productivity by creating a clear purpose for your company.

Higher Profits. Clear Direction. More Time.

Possible in just five days? Yes! Often, small business owners get stuck after the initial growth of their company. They face different challenges – low productivity, motivation, and disorganisation. Such problems stem from the lack of foundation everyone’s aligned with.

As a consultant working with various companies, I’ve solved those issues at its root. Now, I’m bringing you the solution in the form of a 5-day course!

After Completing Own Your Next Quarter, You Will

Create a Formula for Business Success in 5 Days

Own Your Next Quarter lasts only five days, but you’ll be able to use the information from the course and adjust your goals as you take your business to the next level!

You’ll get 1-3 videos daily, each of them approximately 15 minutes long, followed by an exercise on the Miro board. Each day, we will discuss a different topic, but lessons tie together giving you a full picture at the end of the course.

Get a glimpse into the exciting course modules:

Test Your Knowledge and Join the Community

Video Lessons

The main part of the course is video lessons. Quick and to the point, you get all the important information with zero fluff, no promotion materials, with examples to support the facts.

Interactive Exercises

You don’t want to skip through the lessons and call it a day. With exercises at the end of each lesson, you can put everything to the test and apply it to your business immediately.

WhatsApp Community

When you sign up, you get unlimited access to an exclusive WhatsApp community where you can ask questions, ask for help, and talk to me and other founders to get our support.

Meet Course Creator — Leon van der Laan

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At the moment, you can enroll in this course at any time – it’s completely self-paced. There’s no specific start date, which means you can sign up whenever it’s convenient for you. Please keep in mind that I am looking to add more value to this already action-packed course and make it span for a few weeks, at which point it will no longer be free. 

Once you sign up, you’ll receive emails in the next five days, with one lesson in each email. You’ll get immediate access to the emails and the Miro board, where you can do the exercises.

No, but I highly recommend it. The course is connected, and each lesson builds upon the previous one. While you don’t have to complete a module to receive the next one the following day, you’ll miss out on information if you skip a lesson.

You can ask me all the questions regarding the course in the WhatsApp group that you get unlimited access to.

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