Clarity, alignment, and a strategic plan for a young PR agency

Blue Oceans PR, a PR agency based in Vilnius, Lithuania was founded 4 years ago by Raminta Lilaite and Kristina Skindelyte, and has grown into a 12 person team. The company saw an opportunity to work with REMODE on structure and strategy. After working with REMODE, they now have a 3-year strategic plan and clarity within the leadership team on how to get there.

Customer: Blue Oceans PR
Company: Remode
Industry PR & Media
Author: Leon van der Laan

More about the company:

Both the founders managed to establish a known international PR brand, and created their unique creative approach to writing. The company’s clients constantly get featured in top global media outlets as the agency contracts some well-known Lithuanian brands and organizations. They specialize both in tech startups and lifestyle brands.

The challenge:

The growth of the company stagnated and within the leadership team, ideas on how to grow further diverted from one another. Being unconvinced about where to take to the company, they saw a decline in organizational productivity and team satisfaction. The challenge was found in the “How are we going to turn this around and move united in one agreed new direction?”

Why Blue Oceans PR chose Remode?

How Remode approached the challenge.

First, we collected facts by doing an organizational performance scoring and a team satisfaction survey. Then we organized those facts and looked for patterns in the organization:

  • How well is leadership aligned with each other
  • How well is the team aligned with leadership
  • How are business goals being set and achieved
  • Do they know their why what how when and who?
Based on the scoring results, a 3-month roadmap was built with the main focus on:

  • Agreeing on a new north star direction with a mission and vision statement
  • Building a Strategic plan with goals supported by a SWOT
  • Working out the plan in the OKR framework
  • Implement/refresh workflow management processes
  • Clarify roles, accountabilities, and responsibilities by implementing a Responsibility Matrix
  • Provide management with leadership coaching throughout the change.

The Results

“ While we see our results from this collaboration as being more longterm, we already have much more clarity of where we want to go and what kind of company we want to be. Our processes are much clearer and we have internal division of roles which is helping us to focus on our strengths. We save time by shortening normal meeting time and dedicating extra time to OKRs. We are already reaping results in profits and team satisfaction”.


“Remode and Leon was the best investment that our company has made so far. Hire Remode if you need a clear direction for your company, if you want to get rid of wasteful processes and grow profits. Most importantly, grow team satisfaction and happiness in what you do!”